Advocacy-Projects Catalogue of the Participants of the School of Good Governance: Advocacy

NGO "Institute of Policy and Governance" presents a list of advocacy projects of the School of Good Governance: Advocacy

In the project took part 30 young leaders from 12 regions of Ukraine, which during 5 months were studying at the School, and now are implementing 16 advocacy projects in different spheres of life such as health, education, social protection, environment and governance.

1 New youth - successful country

Purpose: Raising students awareness about the process of European integration of Ukraine through the involvement of leading experts in the field of education.

Expected results: Raising national awareness among youth.

2 Network for project offices in Ukraine

Purpose: Creating the effective instruments to attract foreign investment and appropriate training of highly qualified personnel in project management.

Expected results: Creation of the first project offices in Ukraine.

3 Nemishaevo Youth Council

Purpose: Creating Nemishaevo village council based in order to involve young people in the local decision-making process; thus leading to the development and formation of socially active youth.

Expected results: Ensuring effective implementation of changes in community development. Encouraging youth activity in the community.

4 The Clean Air Ukraine - stop emissions 

Purpose: Raise awareness of the problem of harmful emissions in Ukraine; to foster dialogue in the civil society and public sector about the importance of environmental protection.

Expected results: Organize online platform for youth communication, hold a round table with experts, activists and citizens concerned about such a challenge.

5 The treatment for "crystal" people

Purpose: Ensuring the right to treat people with diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta, achondroplasia, hipohondroplasia, neurofibromatosis and Rett syndrome.

Expected results: Development and approval of treatment protocols for these diseases in order to foster the relevant law passing in Ukraine related to this disease.

6 Bicycle-thing

Purpose: Make the nation breathe cleaner and healthier via motivating them to use bicycles.

Expected results: Construction of bicycle parking spaces in the city of Zhytomyr and creating places to ride bicycles.

7 Voice in a new public healthcare system in Ukraine

Purpose: To establish the framework for public health system in Ukraine in accordance with modern international requirements and norms.

Expected results: Development of a conceptual framework, strategy and detailed plan in order to reform public healthcare system in Ukraine according to the current Ukrainian and international legislation. To present and pass the Law of Ukraine "On the public healthcare in Ukraine" and submit it to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

8 Principles of Legal Education program for Pupils (8-9 grades of secondary schools and vocational schools)

Purpose: The introduce alternative program for legal education at schools in schools of Mykolaevo, Odesa and Kherson.

Expected results: Involve youth to get legal experience attending lecturers of legal education courses. Thus, the pupils will raise their own legal principles awareness about the basic rights and obligations. They will be able to use this knowledge in order to protect their rights if it is necessary. This Project will help to strengthen civil society in Ukraine based on European values, including rule of law and prevention of human rights violations.

9 The development of clinical research in Ukraine

Purpose: Increase awareness of doctors / patients / civil servants about clinical research.

Expected results: Increase the number of CR up to 1,000 per year. Increase the number of patients involved in CR (UP TO 10 000 each year).Increase awareness of doctors about the new clinical research methods in Ukraine. Create electronic document procurement and online public CR register in Ukraine.

10 Work To Everyone!

Purpose: Promoting the employment for persons released from prison.

Expected results: To approve the mechanism of employment for persons released from prison and law encouraging employers to hire these persons. This Project will help to decrease the unemployment rate among these population group by 50%,decrease commitment of repeated crimes by 30%, will help to reduce the costs of maintenance of detainees in prisons up to 20% increase budget revenues from taxes on wages of these people, reduce the level of aggression and violence in families, who live with persons released from prison.

11 Library as a university brand

Description: Library is an active center for community life, a place to exchange the experience, gain mutual support, tips, educate children and adults, spend leisure time and create community service initiatives.

Expected results: Library introduces new initiatives to encourage users to learn, improve themselves and inform about the benefits of access to information for those, who do not go to the library. In modern library there should be places for readers, who want to read in silence or use their laptops, separated areas for those, who want to share their opinions about the book. Visitors should be able to spend their time in open and interactive space, focusing on the private reading. Today libraries should become a part of the government social plan to provide equal economic and social opportunities for the population.

12 Institute of Independent Auditors in Educational System of Ukraine

Purpose: Improving the quality of higher education in Ukraine by creating educational institution of independent auditors.

Expected results: Development of conceptual, legal, organizational and methodological basis to introduce independent auditors who assure high quality of educational system in Ukraine To conduct meetings with the academic communities and students in at least 50 national universities in all regions of Ukraine. Develop procedures for auditors’ trainings and educational methodologies for their independent education audit. Pilot training of independent educational auditors. Development and adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Independent Educational Auditing".

13 Comfortable Rest for Parenst with Small Kids

Purpose: Creating favorable conditions for parents with children to relax in places of public catering.

Expected results: Installation of highchairs in the most popular public institutions in Kirovograd city.

14 Community Voice

Purpose: Improve and develop the Institute of Appeals to local authorities. Reach the level of European standards in this area.

Expected results: Create a section on Sumy city council official website, concerning electronic appeals to local authorities. To adopt a decision by executive committee determining the list of applications that are not subject to further examination. To foster gradual transition to electronic documents procurement system. To provide lobbying for the purchase of touch-pads for the citizens in the Sumy city council.Information about the utility agencies must be defined as public.Oblige utility agencies to refrain from signing agreements with its counterparties, where there is a paragraph in the contract – “confidential information.”

15 Corporate social responsibility - the basis for effective society

Purpose: Building efficient society and create favorable conditions to attract more businesses to the ranks of socially responsible business.

Expected results: Business Environment receives detailed information about the purpose and benefits of usage of social responsibility tools. Start creating an effective social dialogue between employers, community and government, clients, beneficiaries. To raise up the interest among entrepreneurs about implementing social responsibility in their businesses. To foster collaboration with business about the possibility to create an individual concept of social enterprise, according to their activity. To support active community ready to promote new social programs.

16 Museum-fication of historical places

Purpose: Museumfication of historical sites located in the liberated cities of Donbas: Druzhkivka, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk etc. which were "prisons" during separatist authority in 2014, where were held and tortured pro-democracy activists and other dissenting with the regime "DNR".

Expected results: To establish and museumficate at least 3 "DNR cellars" (expected in Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk and Slavyansk). This sad historical places would be presented to public by conducting visiting tours to these cellars. This step will become the basis for the development and support for the country's unity in the Donetsk region. There will be at least 50 student trips to these places, made 5 TV programs, 30 publications.

All projects are important for the development and establishment of a strong civil society in Ukraine.

Team of the Institute of Policy and Governance is proud of its participants, hopes for best results from the implementation of advocacy projects and wish success and inspiration!