Facilitators for School of Good Governance: Advocacy

Victoria Cherevko
Coach, facilitator

   Provides consulting and training services for NGOs and commercial organizations on advocacy, strategic planning, team building, cooperation with with volunteers and supporters. During the involvement into the civil activity worked as organizer and trainer of the such specialized projects as "Academy of Practical advocacy", "Advocacy clubs network","In the rhythm of development". Currently works in the IDPs assistance project (UNDP). Developed her skills on the courses of the Institute Robert Schuman (Hungary), the European Academy of Diplomacy (Poland), studied the principles of public campaigns in Sweden and Romania. Made an internship in the European Parliament (Brussels, Strasbourg) in 2011.




Andriy Sydorenko
Coach, facilitator

     He is a Chief Development Officer “CentreUA”. Since 2012 “CentreUA” initiated "CHESNO" movement, Reanimation Package of Reforms,"Strong Communities of Donetsk Region", "Freedom of Speech and Access to Information", "Vladometr", "Youkraine.EU", "New Citizen". Andriy has worked for ten years in project management sector as a board member of the NGO "Democratic Alliance" and developed regional networks’ experience as well. His largest projects are Leader’s School "Start with Yourself - Change the Country", campaign of Civic Youth Activeness "Ukraine, which we are building”, various advocacy clubs. He is engaged in conducting training on advocacy, team-building, strategic planning, networks’ development, communication, public-speaking, access to information (informational requests and citizens’ appeals). Andriy had an Internship in the European Parliament (Brussels, Strasbourg) in 2014.