President IPG Victoria Vdovychenko in an Interview on TV Channel Maidan

President of NGO "Institute of Politics and Governance" Victoria Vdovychenko described the project "School of Good Governance: Advocacy" in a live TV channel Maidan.

In an interview Ms. Victoria described the goal of creating Institute of Policy and Governance, opened its main activities.

President of the NGO said that value to the organization is a socially active, progressive, committed young people of Ukraine, who want and seek changes in our society and in our state, "Young people need to be not only educated, but also to directed."

Ms. President noted that Institute of Policy and Governance creates a platform for innovations of good governance.

The first project of the Institute of Politics and government was "School of Good Governance, Advocacy," which Grand Opening was held on behalf of prominent diplomats, politicians, businessmen and professors. This is the only project from Ukraine chosen and awarded from  the Expert Committee of the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund as the best project in Europe among US program alumna projects.

For other interesting details about the Institute, as well as the project "School of Good Governance: Advocacy" see the interview of Victoria Vdovychenko on TV channel Maidan.