School of Good Governance: Advocacy

"School of Good Governance: Advocacy" is a unique opportunity for young Ukrainian addressing the social problems and create alternative ways to overcome challenges in the country and show the best examples of other countries that implemented in government and help build a strong civil society, seeking qualitative changes in political, economic and social life of our country!

Dates: November, 2015 – April, 2016.
Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine

The project includes IV Stages:

І Stage: view online lectures about effective governance and advocacy and creation advocacy ideas from participants on this base with explaining the relevance of the topic.

ІІ Stage: a three-day training work with experts (27-29 November 2015, Kyiv).

ІІІ Stage: implementation of the School participants their advocacy projects on the local levels.

ІV Stage: a two-day session, exchange of experiences on implementation of advocacy campaigns and develop recommendations for work on advocacy projects (22-23 April 2016, Kyiv).

"School of Good Governance: Advocacy" is the first project of this format in Ukraine, which aims to train young Ukrainian of methodology applying advocacy to develop effective advocacy campaigns and their successful implementation at the local, national, international levels.

The project partners were the US Embassy in Ukraine, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation, Institute of Professional Lobbying and Advocacy, Centre for Political and Legal Reforms, Information Analyses Center, DESPRO, Freedom House and others.

The first School of Good Governance: Advocacy was attended by 30 young leaders from 12 regions of Ukraine, which for 5 months studying at the School, and they are currently implementing 16 advocacy projects in health, education, social protection, environment and public administration.

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The project was supported by the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine. The views of the participants do not necessarily reflect the official position of the US government.

Demyanchuk Oleksandr Lecture
Skipalsky Andrii Lecture
Koliushko Ihor Lecture
Bazilevych Denys Lecture